Hi! Welcome! My name is Marisa Paradis and I am so glad you're here!

You may be here for one of the services I offer, or perhaps you're here for it all, either way,

I am so excited to help you along your journey however I can! 

My own journey and experiences in life have helped shape the goals of my business and keep me focused on the bigger picture. 

For way too long I lived with fear and anxiety about many parts of my day to day life. I can't quite tell you what led to this worry but

I can tell you that before I knew it I was living a life that was not fulfilling my heart, my dreams, my desires and I knew there was

more out there for me. Once I started to look within and deeper at the things I was doing with my life,

I began to finally ask myself what I loved about each of these things. The answer was simple...


I love to assist others to transform how they see themselves and make them absolutely love who they are.

My Makeup Story:

As a young lady I was always fascinated with the creative side of Makeup. As I grew older and began to worry about how I was seen by other people, I quickly learned that makeup could make me feel better about how I looked. Overtime, I realized that I didn’t want to hide the real me under caked on foundation; I could feel even more confident by simply enhancing my best features. I wanted others to feel this way too.


My passion for learning more led me to Los Angeles where I got my Media Makeup Certification at the Award International Make-Up Studio.

I continued on to work at MAC Cosmetics and several Beauty Salons across Long Island, NY for the next few years. It was there that I got to practice my craft, learn from other artists, and build a strong foundation for customer service.


Eventually, I chose to start my own makeup business so I could provide a comprehensive overall experience and form deeper connections with my clients. Now, I get to provide a service completely focused on your vision, while offering my creative input to ensure a flawless makeup application that will look incredible on camera and stunning in person.


I want your entire experience, from the beginning of your plans through the end of the event, to be as seamless as possible. I promise to

provide a professional experience with a warm, caring and positive atmosphere to ensure your day goes above and beyond your expectations.

My Fitness Story:

From day one, my body always wanted to move. I was born into a dance family and therefore, have been dancing for most of my life.

It's no surprise that the mother that got me into a dance class was the mother that brought me to my first Zumba class. I loved the music,

the latin feel and the party atmosphere, but I struggled physically to keep up. I didn’t consistently stay with it because the fear

surrounding intense activity was real.

In my teens I found out I had Exercise-Induced Asthma. I limited myself to the things I believed I was capable of, which was very little. I looked

at other people and longed to run, lift weights and be a part of the fitness community. After sharing my dreams of physical fitness with my husband and watching him complete his first half marathon, he encouraged me to train my body and mind to reach beyond the limits

I set for myself.

I started slow and pushed myself more, little by little. I felt more comfortable in the gym and eventually made my way back into a Zumba class. Mentally, I was stronger, I was taking better care of my overall health, and I began to go consistently. Now I could physically keep up.

One night, I was walking to my car and a woman from class stopped me to ask where I taught Zumba. She was disappointed to hear that I wasn’t an instructor because she said I was very motivational to her during the class. That conversation lit a spark in me to push even further.


A few months later, I got my Zumba license and began teaching right away! After teaching for nearly 6 years, I realized my classes were a bit different than just your regular Zumba class and the Shake It Up Fitness lifestyle was born. In my classes, I encourage my students to have a ton of fun, let loose on the dance floor and push past their mental barriers to see how far their bodies can truly go. Gaining the confidence to turn up the sass, shake off the day, squat a little deeper and leave each class feeling like they can truly conquer the world. 

My Nutrition Story: