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My high-energy fitness class incorporates:

  • repetitive dance moves

  • strength conditioning

  • endurance

  • balance

  • flexibility


I incorporate plenty of fitness elements into all of my workout, with a soundtrack of fun, inspiring music that you can sing along to,

in an atmosphere that is welcoming to all fitness levels. You do not have to have dance experience, fitness class experience, or

even consider yourself “coordinated” to come to my class. There is no pressure to "get it right" and EVERYONE makes mistakes... including me. It's all part of the fun! I always say: When in doubt, shake it out!


I am a high-energy AFFA-certified instructor who loves to engage with everyone in class, but you are welcome to modify and accommodate to tailor the workout to where you are right now. I will encourage you to dig deep to find what you're truly capable of, with a gentle nudge and a little wink, but I fully support that you show up exactly as you are, today.


I can’t wait to shake it up with you!


Check out the Current Weekly Class Options:

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SHAKE IT UP DANCE: A 1 hour, high-energy dance fitness experience that combines repetitive dance moves for a heart-pumping cardio session. Elevate your endurance, your balance, flexibility, and build strength- all while grooving to upbeat music that will have you singing along!

     Thursdays 6:30pm & Select Saturdays 9am

SHAKE IT UP FUSION: Unleash your energy on the dance floor and power up your strength in one vibrant class! This 1 hour class combines elements from our Shake It Up Dance and Shake It Up Strength classes for a fusion of fun!

     Mondays 7pm & Wednesdays 9am

SHAKE IT UP STRENGTH: A 45 min class using dumbbells, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises to sculpt and strengthen your muscles and your mind with each move. Beginner/Intermediate Friendly.

     Tuesdays 6pm & 7pm

(stay updated on Saturday classes, Cancellations and More in our Facebook Group.)

Drop-In: $15 per class

5 Class Pass: $60

10 Class Pass: $100

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Check out the upcoming POP-UP Events:


Saturday April 13th at 6:30pm - Feelings Unleashed

An experiential journey where participants express and explore their emotions through a guided series of liberating movements. Tickets available HERE


Friday April 26th at 7pm - Kickboxing

Join Mary D, for a fun night of kicking butt and

unleash the beast inside! Cardio, Strength and Martial Arts

moves for this fun community event! Tickets available HERE


Sunday April 28th from 10am-2pm -  Mother's Day Pop-Up Shop

Stop by the studio to go shopping for the amazing women in your life,

or simply for yourself. Jewelry, Makeup, Nails, Photography, Art

and so much more: all sold by local vendors!

*Inquire about Private Birthday Parties and all your Celebrations*


"I take classes at a lot of different places and with a lot of different instructors Marisa is hands down the best.

She makes everyone feel like they are special and important. She is genuinely friendly, nice, funny and has more energy

than the Energizer bunny. You get a good workout in her class as she knows how to structure her class to workout

all the muscle groups while still making it fun! Love this girl!" -Lisa B

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