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Welcome to Shakeup Makeup LLC!

Updated: May 18, 2018

Hey Friends, Family, Clients and Strangers who will soon become one of those three! My name is Marisa Paradis and I am the owner and founder of Shakeup Makeup, LLC. I am here to share with you my love for all things Makeup, Zumba® and Nutrition!

I've been on an incredible journey that has brought me to the creation of my business and I am excited to share with you all I've learned along the way and all I am going to continue to learn (because we never stop learning!) I would love to hear your comments, your questions and your thoughts as I share information with you through my blog and I encourage you to reach out to me and say hi!

My passion is to help you achieve greatness in a life that you deserve, to feel confidence from within and to shine bright and light up the world around you. My hope for you is that you're not afraid to play, to let loose and have some fun along the way. A new lifestyle doesn't have to be boring or scary, it can be exciting and new and introduce you to people and things you have never seen before. I want you to dream again and I don't want you to do it alone! I am so excited to be on this journey with you and to guide you towards feeling your most confident self!

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