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O. M. Ghee!

My husband has always been SUPER supportive of my health journey, motivating me and helping me along the way. One of the big ways he's been super helpful is in the kitchen! I learned how to cook in the style of using more butter than anyone could need, frying everything and generally making delicious (but not so nutritious) meals. My hubby knows a lot, researches a lot and is excited about new meals, so he's had a lot of fun creating healthy options for our family.

When he first introduced me to Ghee, I will be honest and tell you I thought he was crazy. Then I learned more about it, tried it, and well, now I'm hooked. Learn more from my hubby about this awesome option here:

"At its simplest form, ghee is clarified butter. At its most complex, it’s an oil replacement superfood that’s easy to cook with, healthy, and delicious. It’s packed with vitamins and free of all of the stuff that complicates dairy digestion, which gives it a nutty, toffee flavor before it’s removed. It has a high smoking point and behaves similarly to most cooking oils.

To start, all you need is good quality unsalted butter (organic is preferable; I like to make my own, but I’m crazy). Make sure it is unsalted, salted butter will not cook down/separate right.

In a small saucepan, heat all of the butter together over medium heat until it melts.

It will bubble, it will foam, and after 5-10 min (with constant stirring), you should see the bubbles start to get a bit clearer.

You should see the milk solids separate and sink to the bottom, and then they will start to brown.

Let them cook for another minute or so, to get to a nice golden brown, and then strain through a fine mesh coffee strainer or cheesecloth.

You can store it in a pantry (or jam jar right near your stovetop) for up to a month, or you can refrigerate for 5-7 months (I dare you to let it last that long)."

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